October Menu

Delicious    Chicken Tenders     Garden Salad         Creamy     Mac-n-Cheese
10   Deluxe Nacho’s             w/fixings         Garden Salad             Golden        Melted Cheese  
11 Crispy     Fried Catfish          Bayou     Baked Beans         Fresh      Breadsticks  
12   Louisiana    Style Gumbo   Chilled Fruit  Crisp Vegetables     Fluffy Rice  Fudge Brownie
No Students
16 Dipping
Chicken Nuggets
  Broccoli Casserole
    Texas Toast
Ragin Dipping Sauce Texas Toast
17      Breezy
       Beefy Mac     Fruity Raisins     Fudge Brownie
Fudgy Brownies
18   Delicious
    BBQ Chicken
   Louisiana Style
      Red Beans
   Flaky  Biscuits
19   Italian
 Meat Ball Sub
  Garden Salad
 Hot Breadsticks
  Moist Yellow
20 Homestyle
  Potato Tots
Chocolate Chip
23 Delicious    Chicken Tenders          Creamy    Mashed Potatoes           Hot    Texas Toast     hot
 24 Chicken Taco’s       w/fixings  Homemade Salsa         Zesty    Refried Beans      
25 Louisiana Style        Red Beans   Fresh Vegetables     Homemade    Breadsticks  
26 “Domino’s”     Delivered Pizza   Homemade Salsa    Chewy Oatmeal        Cookies
27 Sloppy Joe              On       Homemade Bun     Crispy Tater Tots       Fudge Brownie Fudgy Brownie
30 Dipping Chicken Nuggets       Creamy   Mashed Potatoes      Texas Toast Ragin Dipping Sauce Ragin Dipping Sauce 31   Homerun         Hot Dog          Crispy     French Fries        Bayou    Baked Beans      


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