Positive Behavior Intervention Support is a collaborative , assessment-based approach to developing effective interventions for problem behavior. It emphasizes the use of proactive, educative, and reinforcement based strategies to achieve meaningful and durable behavior and lifestyle outcomes. PBS aims to build effective environments in which positive behavior is more effective than problem behavior.
School Expectations: As you walk through our school, you will find "Expectations" hanging in each general area: Cafeteria, Hallway, Bathroom, Playground, and Gym. These are taught and modeled throughout the school year so our students know what is expected.
There are school-wide incentive programs throughout the school year to reward those classes who follow school expectations.

A "Champo" is earned by students in each class by following classroom and school expectations. When expectations are followed, they are recognized through filling up a Champo Board. Classes have "Champo" parties once their board is full.

G: Get control
A: Act responsibly
T: Try your best
O: Offer kindness
R: Respect everyone

*Students will be told what each element will look like during each activity throughout the school day.

C: Conversation
H: Help
A: Activity
M: Movement
P: Participation
S: Success

Fish Philosophy - We encourage all our faculty & staff members to model and teach what each of these look like.

* Be There
* Play
* Make Their Day
* Choose Your Attitude

Catch of the Day: Our teachers are encouraged to give these to students daily who show a true understanding of our school and classroom expectations. These students also are expected to model our "Gator 5" and the "Fish Philosophy".
Shout Outs: A "Shout Out" is given to a faculty, staff, or student who is caught doing something really awesome.
Good Gators: A "Good Gator" is chosen in each classroom by the teacher. A "Good Gator" must demonstrate the "Gator 5", "Fish Philosophy", "School Expectations", & "Classroom Expectations" for an entire month.

*Parents, if your child is a "Good Gator" for a month, please pick up the "Good Gator" sign to put in your yard for the corresponding month. We do ask you to bring it back at the end of the month so the teacher can pass it along to the next "Good Gator".
Perfect Attendance: Students will receive a key chain for their book bag for each month they have been in school EVERY School Day! To qualify you must have: No more than 2 tardies or check outs during the month!
Accelerated Reader Celebration: Each student in grades First through Third Grade are given a reachable goal to meet through our AR program. If a student reaches that goal, they go to an exciting AR celebration. We not only reward for great behavior, but also for meeting academic goals.

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